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Fun Publications introduces a new and dynamic way to display your favorite action figures!

Fun Publications, Inc. is the promoter of BotCon, GIJoeCon and the operators of the Official Collectors' Clubs for both Transformers and G.I. Joe under license from Hasbro, Inc. We are proud to present a new and exciting offering to the action figure collecting community!

Our company has developed an "Action Figure Display System" for use in displaying different brands of 4" action figures such as G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Marvel Universe and many more. What sets this system apart from other "figure stands" on the market is the wide variety of ways it can be integrated into almost any collection. It is MORE than just a "stand".

"We wanted to create something that gave collectors options for displaying their figures and give them the ability use their own imaginations in the process", says Brian Savage of Fun Publications. "We think that collectors will come up with other uses beyond what we've already envisioned and that they will look forward to the additional add-ons and upgrades that we are already discussing."

Diorama style backdrop cards can be used to create mini-environments utilizing an upright clip arm and another clip at the rear foot of the base. The upright arm can also be removed and the foot clip used to display file cards or other package elements. Carded figures can also be displayed along side an "out of package sample" as well.

The bases have two individual foot pegs, which allow unique posing ability for single figures, giving maximum stability, or two figures can be displayed together by allocating one foot peg to each figure. The stands can be aligned and share a common backdrop if so desired.

The multiple applications and modular construction are why this is called a "system" and not just "figure stands". The unique design will allow for the addition of other elements and modifications in the future to add even more flexibility to the "Action Figure Display System".

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