Disney's - A Christmas Carol
by Brian Savage

Over the years there have been many different interpretations of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and the latest one is from Disney featuring Jim Carrey.  I’ll start this off be mentioning that this story is not one of my favorites and since I know the outcome, not one that I enjoy the journey, even though the message is very important.

The message is timeless no matter what culture you come from.  Repent your evil ways and do good, or in the hear-after will revisit you and all of your sins.

I felt that this one dwelt too much on the past sins and not enough on the repentance. It’s almost like they got to the end and ran out of money and or time and said…let’s get this finished. For taking the journey through so much of Scrooges’ evil ways, I didn’t feel that I got any reward at the end of his new persona. I thought there should have been much more interaction with Tiny Tim other than the three lines of dialogue. I would have rather seen that than some of the ghost sequences that seemed to be a bit long. I also found some of the ghost visits to be visually confusing which made it hard to understand what exactly is going on. During the Future Ghost’s visit, I was having flashback visions of Disney’s Headless Horseman.

This version is quite dark and almost to the level that Tim Burton takes his films. If you enjoy these types of shows, this one is for you as the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present are different than other classic versions.

I’m also not sure that so much of Jim Carry is a good thing. In his genre, he is a wonderful actor. However, in this show he voices no less than nine different characters. I’m thinking this would have been a great live show to watch, as his physical comedy and facial features are most of his delivery. I would have preferred to have a less expensive lead and more happily-ever-after at the end!

The animation style is very close to the Polar Express. However, the real claim to fame for this DVD release is that it is Disney’s first Blu-ray 3D release!

This DVD comes in three different flavors:

* 4 Disc Blu-ray (Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD (NTSC), and Digital Copy

* 2 Disc Blu-ray and DVD (NTSC)

* 1 Disc DVD (NTSC)

The Blu-ray exclusive content includes:

* Blu-ray 3D: Mr. Scrooges’ Wild Ride (is this related to Disney’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?)

* Blu-ray: Behind The Carol: The Full Motion Capture Experience (very interesting)

* Countdown to Christmas Interactive Calendar

* Deleted Scenes

The DVD extras inlcude:

* Capturing A Christmas Carol

* On Set with Sammi

* Deleted Scenes

Overall, if you like darker stories and want to have this ground breaking Disney release in their new Blu-ray 3D format, make sure your “Ghost of Christmas Present” visits your favorite retailer on November 16, 2010!

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