The Incredibles - Blu-ray Combo Pack
by Brian Savage

The Incredible Incredibles are now on the incredible Blu-ray format! If you enjoyed this movie at the theatre, you will enjoy it even more at home on this Blu-ray collection. The picture quality has a lot of depth even without 3D. The action is really great even on the small screen or depending on your HD TV may be an even bigger screen. This is a wonderful family movie everyone will enjoy. Our family still quotes lines from this movie such as Edna’s “no capes, darling”…

If you didn’t see this movie, I highly recommend that you get it now. The whole movie is quite incredible as you are taken though the life of this “super” family now having to live underground being “retired”. I keep wondering when we will get to see the sequel! Personally, I always wanted to know more about the mole creatures that show up at the end. Also, what will all of baby Jack-Jack’s super powers be?

All of the bonus features are included as well as the Incredibles Revisited, Paths to Pixar: Story Artists, Studio Stories: Gary’s Birthday, Ending With a Bang: Making The End Credits, and “The New Nomanisan” Island Redevelopment Plan… wonder if it will end up like redeveloping Jurassic Park? All very entertaining stuff!

And of course Disney has done it once again, giving you the Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy all in one package! I really love it all!