Legend Of The Seeker: The Complete Second And Final Season
by Brian Savage

I must say that when this came for review I was very happy and very sad at the same time. As you see, this fine program was cancelled after only two seasons. So this is Season 2 AND the final season combined.

I loved the first season so much that I went out and bought all the books this series is based on, Wizardís First Rule by Terry Goodkind. Iíve read them all and there are twelve novels. Thatís about 10,000 pages of reading in three months.

The stories are ďspell bindingĒ and the characterís missions not only keep you glued to the book but to the TV as well.

You want action?  This thing has more sword and magic fights than I think have been on a screen in a long time.  The casting is also perfect for the roles.  After watching the first season, whenever I read one of the books the characters in my head were the ones from the TV show.

So, if this program was so great you say, why was it cancelled?  I don’t think it was the program but the programming time slot.  I never even knew about this show when it was in its first season.  Too bad it didn’t follow Dancing with the Stars!  It’s great to watch the actors grow into their roles.  They just keep getting more and more into their series.

How does it compare to the books? Well, it pulls the basic plots from the books but tends to mix the stories up some. However, I donít think that is a bad thing, just a function of converting to the small screen.

I wish the time slot for this program had been better so the ratings would have kept it on the screen, because with twelve novels, there was lots of material to explore!

Total run time is 946 minutes and this is many hours you can spend together as a family with a quality, entertaining story line. It is rated TV14 (really for the battles). My boys love this program as well and always get mad if I watch an episode without them!

Bonus features include Redemption of a MordíSith: Meet Cara, Under The Underworld and Extended scenes.

Hereís the recommendation: Seek out Legend of the Seeker Season 1 and Season 2 for a great set of entertainment and when you are done with that and want more, start reading Terry GoodKindís Wizardís First Rule. But, start with the prequel Debt of Bones before you read the first volume, which is also entitled Wizardís First Rule.

If you like period pieces with plenty of action and fantasy, youíll love Legend of the Seeker - available at your favorite DVD retailer!