Tron Legacy 3D - Blu-ray Combo Pack
by David S. Lane

It's been roughly thirty years since Disney came out with an amazing computer-generated fantasy movie called TRON. The movie was "cutting edge" in the 1980's and literally opened up a whole new world of possibility both within the movie and the potential of future computer animation in the real world. The original story shows a computerized world, inhabited by sentient, and humanoid-looking programs. The production used computer animation to add glowing patterns to make the computer world look unique. It was added to the actors, Light cycles, and computer generated ships.

The original TRON movie followed the story of a young computer programmer and hacker named Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges. He worked for a massive computer corporation called Encom, until he gets fired. He then sets himself up in the video arcade business. It's the perfect front while he tries to hack his way back into the system to prove that someone in Encom had taken credit for his video game programs. With the help of some allies, he uses a security program called "Tron". However, he gets discovered and zapped by a digitizing machine which drags him into the computer world. He battles the MCP (Master Control Program) and ultimately escapes back to the real world.

This leads into TRON: LEGACY, the official sequel to TRON. The story follows in 1989, Kevin Flynn, the CEO of Encom, tells his eight-year-old son about a "digital frontier" he has created called The Grid. He delights him with bedtime stories of a virtual domain existing inside the game system. Kevin tells Sam that he has two programs helping him, Tron and Clu. Tron keeps The Grid secure, while Clu is tasked with creating the perfect system.

Now, twenty years later, Sam is haunted by his father's mysterious disappearance. He investigates a page that originated from a supposedly disconnected number at Flynn's old arcade. Sam explores the arcade and discovers a concealed door leading to a computer laboratory in the basement. He attempts to discover what his father was doing by calling up the computer logs and reissuing the last command entered. Sam activates a digitizing laser which transports him to The Grid.

Sam is captured and receives combat armor and an identity disc. When Sam attempts to escape he is pitted against Rinzler, a master of the games, who discovers that Sam is not a program, but a user. Sam is taken to Clu, who Sam initially believes is his father. Clu brings Sam into a Light Cycle match with several other programs, and Sam is nearly killed before Quorra, another program, rescues him, taking him to a distant hideout in the Off-Grid Outlands. There, he is reunited with his real father Kevin.

TRON: LEGACY 3-D is really an amazing movie and sequel. It has astounding modern-day computer generated technology which looks even better in 3-D. It's really hard to go back and watch the original after this! The 3-D movie has mind-blowing environments, incredible designs and visuals, bringing the electronic world to life in a way that would've been unimaginable thirty years ago.

Speaking about technology, were so advanced now that they can create digital actors. Clu is actually a young Jeff Bridges giving a performance along side the modern era live actor. Itís also awesome to see the updated light cycles and light jets battle each other on the famous neon grid!

TRON: LEGACY may not be for everyone, especially if they are not familiar with the original movie. However, it is an enjoyable ride into fantasy. I also give the soundtrack high marks for using the French electronic music duo Daft Punk!

The TRON: LEGACY (Four-Disc Combo) includes...

* Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy

* First Look at TRON: Uprising, the Disney XD animated series.

* Visualizing TRON - How did the filmmakers bring to life the gorgeous world inside the GRID?

* Installing the cast - Hear from all the stars of the film.

* The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed [BD Exclusive - Interactive bonus piece] .

* Disney Second Screen [BD Exclusive - Interactive bonus piece] .

* Launching the Legacy - Beyond the amazing visuals.

* Disc Roars - Watch director Joseph Kosinski use the raucous crowd at the San Diego Comic-Con.

* Music video - "Derezzed" written, produced, and performed by Daft Punk.