by Brian Savage

The land of Jhamora is torn apart by the mutual prejudice of two peoples – the winged Nohrin, masters of the skies, and the terrestrial Lockni, who harness the mystical powers of the land. When Delgo (Prinze Jr.), a reckless Lockni teenager, forms a forbidden friendship with the spunky Nohrin Princess Kyla (Hewitt), hostilities between the two peoples escalate, setting the stage for an exiled Empress (Bancroft) to exact her revenge and reclaim her rule.

I’ll say that Fathom Studios went all out to produce this animated film. What a list of voices! We heard from Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Michael Clarke Duncan, Eric Idle, Louis Gossett Jr., Burt Reynolds and even Kelly Rip to name a few. However, even with all of this star power, I felt the film still fell flat.

While watching this predictable plot, I kept thinking that this was a cross between, Lost in Time/Avatar: The Last Airbender/Shrek with a few Jedi powers, pixies and a Jar Jar Binks thrown in for good measure. The story line is very simple, as kingdoms share a planet, the princess meets a boy, evil royal sister tries to upset the throne, is banished, makes a comeback, kidnaps the princess, boy saves princess and together they save the day. That’s basically it. It is a classic story line that never seems to get the viewer involved.

In addition, although the artist work is beautiful at times - the animation is very rough by today’s standards. Maybe they should have spent more on production and less on the voices as the characters seem to float…rather hop from place to place.

Overall, a nice little film but wait until it hits the Redbox Rentals for a dollar.


  • Audio Commentary with Directors
  • Featurettes
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Sounds of Delgo
  • Meet the Characters
  • See the Creatures
  • Award-winning animated short: Chroma Chameleon
  • Deleted Scenes (additional 14 minutes of footage)