FlashForward: The Complete Series
by Brian Savage

What an interesting premise...everyone in the world blacks out for the same amount of time on the same day at the same moment. As you can imagine, things crash, people die and everything is in complete chaos. No one knows how or why this has happened. As the characters unravel this world crisis event, they begin to understand that almost everyone has had a vision of what they will be doing six months later on April 29th. Some have happy events to look forward too, while others have disappointment ahead. Even others have a more scary vision of nothing...does this mean they will even be alive? Can they change the coming visions? Is it locked in stone? And, why did EVERYONE blackout...?

The Complete Series of the ABC show: FlashForward is now available at your local retailer. This is a wild ride you will not want to miss! What will you be doing six months from now? 

The five DVD disc set includes extras such as: Architects of Destiny - a look at the concept and creation of the series; Meet Yuko Takeuchi one of Japan's biggest stars in her US debut; FlashForward on the Set; Kangroo? (you have to watch this one to understand); along with Bloopers and Deleted scenes. Total running time is approximately 989 minutes, so this will make a great series to watch when the weather turns bad and you are stuck inside. I really like having a complete series to watch on a continual basis. It makes the story seem much more like a huge motion picture.

So, if you are a lover of thriller/mystery shows, pick this set up today and prepare for a mind trip!