by Brian Savage

Buckle up for thrilling edge-of-your-seat action and laugh-out-loud fun in Disney’s family comedy adventure G-Force. Just as the G-Force — an elite team of highly trained guinea pigs — is about to save the world, the F.B.I. shuts the secret unit down. But these next-generation action heroes — Darwin, loyal team leader; Blaster, weapons expert with attitude to spare; Juarez, drop-dead gorgeous martial arts diva; and tag-along Hurley — won’t be stopped. Armed with the latest in high-tech spy equipment, and with the F.B.I. on their tails, the fur flies as they race against the clock to save the world. From the producer of the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy and National Treasure, and filled with high-octane action, daredevil stunts, cutting-edge special effects and outrageous comedy, G-Force is fantastic fun for the whole family!

G-Force is the next installment of "saving the world". This time, it's guinea pigs! Who would have thought that this could be so much fun. This film is well crafted, entertaining, action packed and great for kids of all ages. It is really a good mix of Mission Impossible, Transformers, and Dr. Doolittle

Animals have been used for ages to infiltrate enemy strongholds. This highly developed group of guinea pigs is the latest attempt by the government to develop super animal agents. In danger of their program being defunded, they embark on a special-op to prove their worth. Of course it all backfires and they have to go in a second time to achieve their objective. What is the secret micro chip in all of the appliances being distributed around the world, and what happens when the countdown clock reaches zero? Watch the movie and find out!

The PG rating is due to some crude (bathroom) humor, not any language. It's a great stocking stuffer, or keep it in reserve for that trip to Grandma's house. It will keep the kids entertained for about an hour and a half. Special features include Music Videos, Training Camp, Bloopers and of course, deleted scenes.

Your family will enjoy this movie and it comes in the highly acclaimed Disney value pack: Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy. You have every version you will ever need. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the soundtrack is top notch! Own it today!


  • Music Videos
  • Training Camp
  • Bloopers
  • Deleted scenes
  • Digital copy