by Brian Savage

James Bond is back...or is he?

Borne again?  Yep.  007, Nope.  I popped this disk in forgetting that it was a Bond film.  I don’t think it ever reminded me.  The only thing that made this movie a “Bond” movie was the title and some of the character’s names.  Where were the campy scenes?  Where was the elegance?  Where was the style?  And, where was Q?  You can describe this movie as “Mad, Really Mad or call it “Bond Lives to Kill Another Day.”  Hey meet a character, no character development here, he’s dead. He meets another character, no character development there, she’s dead.  This movie had no Bond feel to it whatsoever.  I felt like this was a Borne movie or a Mission Impossible flick, all rough and tumble with no elegance, no savoir-faire.  This is scary - Daniel Craig Bond.  I don’t care for this version, I like the old Bond, James Bond.

So much for the story, let’s talk about the film directing.  I really dislike the current trend some directors feel they have to do with action shots.  The shots are so tight and cut so fast in this film, instead of making me anxious, it just confused me.  At this juncture, you might as well just toss out the 180 degree rule of filming, now that would really confuse me.  Note to directors: back off boys, I can only process so much in a few seconds.  It’s like putting notes in a song beyond anyone’s hearing range.  You can do it but why?   In addition, I can’t tell one sandy colored hair man from another when they are both wearing dark suits.  Is he the good guy or the bad guy?  I can’t visually tell when they are running, jumping, shooting, falling, shooting, falling (step and repeat).

Now, it did look like the crew worked very hard to produce this film. They just didn’t have much to work with. On the special features, there are background stories by the crew, which are interesting as you don’t often hear or see what they do, or how hard they work.

Should you buy this release? Only if you are a Bond completist. Otherwise, wait for the next Bond guy…