SGU: Stargate Universe - The Complete Final Season Box Set
by Brian Savage

In THIS world of high dollar special effects and low dollar television budgets, another series bites the dust.

I'm not sure why producers seem to keep watering down original concepts.  As spin off after spin off come out (Stargate, SG-1, SGU) the premise tires to hold on to the original audience by exploiting the same concepts and this only works for so long.

However, with each spin-off, the audience is forced to embrace a whole new set of characters when we were perfectly fine with the old ones (just like Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and then Enterprise). But, you can’t go on infinitely with the same personalities so, the spin offs continue.

Maybe these types of shows fail because people think it is the same thing. Maybe they can’t get interested in the new characters. Maybe if it had been called something else, more people would have been interested in watching it.

I found this version of Stargate to be very much like the modern era BattleStar: Glactica seies. From the opening summary of all the past programs to the hunt for Earth, it seemed more like BSG than SG. However, I did enjoy the acting and new characters. Even though I didn’t see the first season, I found it easy to drop right in with the second season. Alas… we will never know how it ended as the ole budget laser got this one as well. They will forever be searching for a way back to Earth!

There are lots of bonus features on this disc set but nothing to do with the end of the series. Maybe it will come back someday? Who knows but for now these are the extras:

Disc 1: The cast and crew discuss the direction of several episodes along with some of the stunt training and CGI work.

Disc 2: The best of the extras on this disc is the cast and crew giving you a tour of their set in the New Mexico badlands, and talking about their experiences.

Disc 3: Shows insights into how certain parts of the ship work and how they’re portrayed. Each of these vignettes is about three to four minutes long and is very interesting to watch.

Disc 4: Has more behind the scenes features including a talk about the design of the Destiny’s bridge and its sort of alien steampunk look with the set crew.

Disc 5: Has a twenty-five minute chat with Peter Kelamis and Patrick Gilmore fielding questions and discussing an episode from soup to nuts. The final piece on this disc is a bit strange as everyone is talking about the end of season 2 and that this season contained a lot of plot set-ups for future seasons, which are now, not going to happen.

In the end, broadcast TV is tough these days. With so many channels and so many distractions, I’m afraid that the day of large-scale corporate (society) experiences may be lost forever. Good programs will disappear due to budget concerns; writers will be left homeless as more “reality shows” take over. I guess it’s time to go back to a “real” experience. Now where did I leave that game controller…?