by Brian Savage

This is quite an interesting remake of an old classic movie. The special effects are top notch. The story is as scary as ever.

How was the acting?

Keanu Reeves? Well I think he has a hard time not being so Matrix. I felt sometimes I was watching Starman with Jeff Bridges. It�s the confused alien character who is really smart but acts really slowly as he doesn�t quite get what you are talking about and why you act that way.

Jennifer Connely was as beautiful as ever, and the most believable in her role. She brought home the emotion.

Kathy Bates is next going and trying out for the real life position of Secretary of Defense. She did a great job as well as you could see the conflict between her desire to be a human, and the conflict in following orders.

Jaden Smith seemed very forced. I think this just comes from the lack of experience. He had little believability on screen. I think he will grow out of it as this particular role was a tough one for a kid.

Gort is a very big guy in this version and he has quite an evil transformation that I won't spoil for you. Don�t miss his special feature �Unleashing Gort�.

These aliens are not here to observe and understand. They are here to pass judgment and save the planet in their own way. The retail disc set is supposed to come with the original version and the new release. My review copy only came with the new movie so it was hard to compare and contrast. However, I think if you have both of these films at home, it would be quite interesting to watch them back to back.

This is a scary film and if you are a sci-fi fan, you should get this one, though, I don�t think you will sit around and watch it everyday with the kids.