McDonalds Happy Meal Toys -
Shrek Forever After

by Brian Savage

Have you seen the Happy Meal Toys for the new Shrek movie yet? You should check them out at your local McDonalds!

As usual with Happy Meal toys of known properties, there are some trade-offs in order to keep the costs down. We found these Happy Meal items to be a mixed-Happy-Meal-box.

There are ten toys in total. Shrek, Fiona, Puss in Boots, Puss in Boots Watch, Gingy, Gingy Watch, Three Little Pigs, Donkey, Pinocchio, and Rumpelstiltskin.

Here's what we like:

Puss in Boots "lounging cat" - This one has a very interesting sensor on the back of the cat. When you pet him, he purrs or says "Do I know you?". (My 10 year old says this is the coolest one.) He is a very nice looking fat cat and the head swivels. Pet him really fast and he will screech at you. I would expect that cat lovers will really like this one a lot.


Puss in Boots "watch" - Puss's mouth opens to reveal the clock and the fun part is that the eyes move to look at the time when you open his mouth. He also has a feather in his hat that is a hook for your watch to go on your backpack or belt loop. the watch has both the date and time function.

Gingy - This one is fun because when you pull his arm (like you are tearing him apart) is when he speaks one of his three sayings. He looks very much like the character.

Gingy "watch" - This is a nice little clip on watch that swivels so that the watch is on one side and the other side is a happy face.

Pinocchio - This Pinocchio is a very good sculpt of the character from the movie. He has three sayings that are activated when you push his nose. It would have been much cooler if you could have pulled his nose for the sayings.

What we didn't like:

The three principal characters were very weak. Picking a minor plot point for Donkey is not interesting at all. The waffles? I would have not chosen that one at all. Shrek's activation switch is too sensitive and he mostly says "hey". I would have traded more articulation for the voice function. Fiona is totally the wrong shade of green and is probably the worst voice of all as she doesn't sound like the movie voice. (HM toys rarely use the actual voice as the cost is too high). Her sculpt just doesn't look right.

Rumpelstiltskin - He doesn't represent the movie in his sculpt with the angry wig. His voice function is weak as well. He's not much fun either.

Three Pigs

That leaves the three pigs who are much too light in color and who can understand what they say? Not much play value in this one. We would have liked all the voices to have more sayings and less grunts and yells, but hey, they are Happy Meal toys, not full blown action figures. Overall a cute set of toys. If you are a Shrek fan, make sure you get at least the first four. And finally, parents, the best thing about ALL of the talking toys is that they each have an on/off switch! No worries about one going off in the middle of the night.

Make sure to drop by your local MCD and pick up your Shrek Happy Meal soon. They won't be there long.