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Marvel Q&A!


Greetings once again, and welcome to MasterCollector for our first entry of 2011 questions from us and answers from Hasbro regarding their various Marvel Comics-related action figure product lines!

Of course as you know, Hasbro is the main toy licensee for the action figure world of the Marvel Comics Universe, which includes such action figure lines as Marvel Universe, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Thor, with no doubt the Avengers and more coming in 2012! They have generously offered to reply to several questions throughout the year. What follows are those posed by MasterCollector for the first 2011 session:

MC Question #1: As a longtime fan of the Imperial Guard, I'm pleased to see GLADIATOR added to the Marvel Universe lineup. I also acknowledge he's a bit of an obscure character relative to better-known individuals. What process is used to determine which of these lesser-known characters will be rendered in plastic, and can we look forward to more such figures?

MARVELQA: First, the team comes up with a list of all the characters we want to do for a full year. We give heavy consideration to current storylines, collector and fan wishlists and then we throw a few of our personal faves. Next, we lock ourselves in a room and fight it out. That may sound brutal, but debating character selection is one of our favorite parts of the job!

MC Question #2: I'm very pleased to see the 6" line of Marvel figures continue through the "Iron Man Legends Series". Given the "Avengers Assemble" logo on the package, is this something we can look forward to being carried over into Thor and Captain America?

MARVELQA: Yes. Be on the lookout for more info to come this summer.

So, definitely something to look forward to there. As for the response to that first question, it makes me rather glad I don't work for the office maintenance department at Hasbro. Still, if it gets us cool stuff from all corners of the Marvel Universe, I suspect it's worth it.

Thanks for reading, until next time!