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Marvel Q&A!


Greetings, and welcome to the second round of questions and answers from Hasbro regarding their various Marvel Comics product lines!

As you know, Hasbro is the primary toy licensee for Marvel Comics, which includes Marvel Universe, Iron Man 2, Spider-Man, and more! They have graciously offered to reply to several questions throughout the year. What follows are those posed by MasterCollector for the most recent session, and what with the movie IRON MAN 2 having just hit theaters, it seemed appropriate to make that the focal point of the questions this time around:

MC Question #1: How have sales for the Iron Man 2 figures been with the release of the toys well in advance of the movie?

MARVELQA: Amazing! Everyone is excited by Iron Man, and the new toy line.

MC Question #2: Will there be an additional emphasis recommended for the Iron Man 2 toys after the movie?

MARVELQA: Most definitely! Check out our TV and print advertising campaigns!

So, it seems the Armored Avenger looks to once again be a popular presence on the silver screen and in the toy aisles! Until next time, take care.