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Marvel Q&A!


Greetings, and welcome to the third round of questions and answers from Hasbro regarding their various Marvel Comics product lines!

As you know, Hasbro is the primary toy licensee for the amazing world of Marvel Comics, which includes such action figure lines as Marvel Universe, Iron Man 2, Spider-Man, and more! They have generously offered to reply to several questions throughout the year. What follows are those posed by MasterCollector for the third session:

MC Question #1: How much input does Marvel have on some of the more "toy-specific" Iron Man and Spider-Man variations (i.e. Deep Dive Armor Iron Man, etc?)

MARVELQA: We work very closely with Marvel to develop all of our toys. Our relationship is very collaborative with all partners.

MC Question #2: Conversely, if Marvel wanted to use some of these designs in their main comics titles, would there be any reason why they couldn't?

MARVELQA: No, there would be no reason why they could not; we are a very open and collaborative team. Phone calls and emails are often happening between all partners to share ideas and create awesome toys!

I know for myself I wouldn't mind seeing that Concept Armor Deep Dive Iron Man turn up in the pages of the comics. Very cool and very impressive design as far as I'm concerned. Doesn't mean it will, of course, but at least it could! Until next time, take care.