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Marvel Q&A!


Greetings, and welcome to the fourth round of questions and answers from Hasbro regarding their various Marvel Comics product lines!

As you know, Hasbro is the primary toy licensee for the amazing world of Marvel Comics, which includes such action figure lines as Marvel Universe, Iron Man 2, Spider-Man, and more! They have generously offered to reply to several questions throughout the year. What follows are those posed by MasterCollector for the fourth session:

MC Question #1: We have been very impressed with the many store exclusive figure sets offered for Iron Man 2, both in 3-3/4" and 6" size. Can you explain the process of who decides which retailer gets which exclusives?

MARVELQA: The decision making process around exclusives is managed by our design and sales teams, considering the needs of each retailer and the fans.

MC Question #2: As a follow-up, what's involved in determining the specifics of the exclusive sets; which characters or armor types will be featured?

MARVELQA: We have a variety of ways to determine what is included in exclusives. Iron Man has a lot of armor, and we aim to offer various looks!

MC Question #3: What's involved in sculpting actor likenesses for Iron Man 2 figures? Is a scan taken of the actor's face, or are other references used?

MARVELQA: Yes, we work with the studio to get scans of the actors. We also throw in a little of that "movie magic".!

Sounds like we will be getting some cool figures that really look like they came right out of the movie. I've been very impressed with the various aspects of the Iron Man 2 line, and I hope it continues to enjoy success beyond the movie itself. That's all for this round. Until next time, take care!