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Doll News January 22, 2002

Malibu Barbie is Back!

Mattel has just announced more of their new dolls for the year 2002. A few personal standouts in the line are the Barbie & Ken "Tango" gift set, the African American Lingerie Fashion Model and Kelly & Tommy as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I predict these will be hot releases. I know I will be adding them to my collection.

I also love the nostalgic entry this year. Mattel will be re-releasing the famous Malibu Barbie doll from 1971. This recreation looks like a dead ringer for the original with one modern update. She comes with a bottle of sunscreen. She also will come with her signature blue nylon swimsuit, yellow towel and sunglasses.

Members of the Lee Middleton Original Dolls’ 2002 Our Doll Family Collectors’ Club have a special treat in store for them. The members-only doll for 2002 is a beautiful little toddler named "Baby & Me". Sculpted by acclaimed doll artist Reva Schick, this is the first toddler to be named a "Members-Only" doll. She comes with two outfits, one for play and one for "dress-up". This little beauty will be available in light and medium skin tone and will be offered to members for $198. Production is limited to 2002 only.

If that wasn’t special enough, 2002 club members will receive a "first-ever" eight-inch miniature baby doll to go with "Baby & Me". She is the first of this size to be produced my Lee Middleton Original Dolls. She comes with two mini versions of the "Baby & Me" outfits and a 14" signature travel trunk to store her and her accessories. A yearly membership is only $50 or $45 for returning members. This is a steal when you consider you get the mini doll, outfits and trunk along with all the regular club benefits. Check the website for how to join.

No doubt about it. Dawn doll is hot! This is the third Dawn gathering I have announced in as many weeks. Checkerboard Toys will be participating in the fourth annual Dawn doll convention. "Dawn Does Dallas" will be held at the Harvey Hotel in Plano, Texas on Saturday, October 12, 2002.

A few of the special guests for the all-day event will be Sharon John, CEO of Checkerboard Toys, "the official home of Dawn" and Robin Fleming of Virtual Dolls. Also joining the mod happening will be Benita Schwartz and Joedi Johnson, the authors of two great collector books on Dawn.

A Limited Edition 2002 Dawn Convention Doll is being created especially for the show. Dawn fans will want to mark their calendars for this one. More details are available at the show’s website.

The two male dolls planned for the Get Real Girl series have been put on indefinite hold. Many collectors were looking forward to the two new characters Jack and Pierson. The company still plans to release four new outfits for the existing girls in 2002. It will be interesting to see if anything else is previewed at Toy Fair next month.

New on toy shelves is the new Barbie Coleman Camping Gear Playset. This Coleman licensed set could easily have been released as a "Ken & Tommy" playset. There is not an inch of pink plastic involved and collectors will love the crossover possibilities of all the accessories and gear. Well…. truth be told, there are three small pink accessories, but the rest of the set is so cool, it’s forgivable. Highlights are a miniature Coleman stove, lantern, cooler and cookware complete with Coleman logo, a big colorful dome tent, camp table & stools and a super-cool inflatable kayak. Oh…and a tree stump to sit on!

If you are still trying to think of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie, you might check out the cuddly cuties at Vermont Teddy Bear. I have sent several of their "Bear-Grams" to folks and they are always a huge hit. New for this Valentine’s Day is "Undercover Lover" Bear and "Don Juan" Bear. My personal favorite is "Loverboy" who sports jeans, a rolled up tee shirt, shades and a "LOVE" tattoo embroidered on his "bear-cep". You can see their catalog of over 100 teddies at .